Julia's way is seeking personal stories to use in its book on breastfeeding babies with Down syndrome. Find out more about what we are looking for. When submitting a story please remember the following:

  • Please keep your essay between 500-1000 words. Your essay may be edited for clarity or space. 
  • Please include a hi-resolution photo of yourself and your child. Ideally the photo will be of your baby nursing but other photos will be accepted. Professional or candid photos are welcome.
  • Our goal is to encourage and empower mothers of babies with Down syndrome to breastfeed not to make them feel guilty, shamed, or upset if they were unable to breastfeed or if they have made a different feeding choice. 
  • Please focus on your breastfeeding journey including challenges; successes; if you felt supported and discouraged, how, and by whom; tips and tricks that might be helpful for other moms. 
  • We are open to publishing a wide variety of stories including from those who were successful at breastfeeding; those who exclusively pumped; those who tried to initiate breastfeeding but were not successful; and those who did not choose to initiate a breastfeeding relationship.
  • You will be required to sign a release for us to use your essay and photos on our website, social media sites, etc. 
  • Please be sure to use people first language! See this pdf for details. 
  • DUE DATE: December 15, 2017

Please submit your story and photos to