Julia's Way would like to thank its generous corporate sponsors for their support. 

These moms have come together with a powerful message: babies with Down syndrome CAN breastfeed.

As many as 30% of mothers are told that their babies with Down syndrome may not be able to breastfeed or will be unable to do it as well as other babies. Our video Nursing Down Syndrome is a counterpoint to those voices and seeks to be a source of hope and inspiration for new mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies. It features 11 women discussing their journeys to breastfeeding their babies with Down syndrome. They persevered through NICU stays, hospitalization, illnesses, surgeries, leukemia, heart failure, and more to breastfeed their babies and they are here to encourage and support you in breastfeeding your baby, too. 

This video is part of a larger, two phase project by Julia's Way to support and empower new and expectant mothers to breastfeed their babies with Down syndrome and to encourage medical professionals to support this important process.

Ella Cullen, Executive Director of Julia's Way has this to say about the project: "We understand that babies with Down syndrome can have medical complexities that may be overwhelming at times and there may be other priorities for the family and the medical team. Our intention is not to add a layer of difficulty to what can be a stressful time. However, no mother should ever be told that she shouldn’t even bother to breastfeed her baby just because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome and for those who want to attempt breastfeeding but just need support or encouragement, we are here for them."

Julia's Way has a book dedicated to breastfeeding babies with Down syndrome in production. Its target release date is Spring 2018.