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Our newest brochure, Babies with Down Syndrome CAN Breastfeed! is an advocacy piece written for medical professionals. It discusses why breastfeeding is so important, especially for babies with Down syndrome and lets them know critical it is that they support new and expectant parents who want to breastfeed their babies with Down syndrome. If you are a mom who felt like your breastfeeding experience could have been better supported, order these for the medical staff who took care of you! If you engage in medical advocacy through your local DS organization, these are perfect for you to distribute to NICUs, OBGYN offices, midwife practices, lactation consultants, etc.

This brochure is available in English only at this time.

As always, all of our brochures are available for free! Julia's Way is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are used to support and encourage breastfeeding among mothers of babies with Down syndrome. Please consider making a donation.

Please complete this short form so we can track interest in this information for grantmakers and other funders. We mail brochures out once a week, usually on Thursdays so please let us know if you have not received them within 7-10 business days.

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