Our brochure is now available! This brochure, written by Jill Geschwint Rabin, an IBCLC and pediatric speech pathologist, and Ella Gray Cullen, Founder and Executive Director of Julia's Way and nursing mother of a child with Down syndrome, with input from Kimberly Barbas from Boston Children's Hospital and Dr. Davidson from the Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children's Hospital, is designed to support mothers and medical professionals understand and overcome the challenges that babies sometimes face when attempting to breastfeed.

These are perfect for inclusion in New Parent Packets and distribution by genetics counselors, NICUs, labor and delivery floors, and Down syndrome clinics.

Help us save on postage and printing costs by downloading our one-page handout. Content is the same in both the one page (downloadable) and printed (tri-fold) brochure. The downloadable brochure for new and expectant parents is available in multiple languages! Or, click here to request professionally printed copies (English and Spanish only at this time). 

We are so excited to be able to share these wonderful brochures from Julia’s Way with our new families! Check out these beautiful brochures and visit their site for more info!
— Angela Lombardo, Down Syndrome Program Coordinator, Boston Children’s Hospital


Our newest brochure, Babies with Down Syndrome CAN Breastfeed! is an advocacy piece written for medical professionals. It discusses why breastfeeding is so important, especially for babies with Down syndrome and lets them know critical it is that they support new and expectant parents who want to breastfeed their babies with Down syndrome. If you are a mom who felt like your breastfeeding experience could have been better supported, order these for the medical staff who took care of you! These are the perfect brochures for medical advocacy around breastfeeding and Down syndrome. As a parent, you can help inform your medical providers by having these sent to your IBCLC, OBGYN, genetics counselor, NICU, etc.

This brochure is available in English only at this time.

Help us save on postage and printing costs by downloading our one-page handout. They have the same content as our printed tri-fold brochures. Or, click here to request professionally printed copies. 

“We are so excited that Julia’s Way has developed this fresh, informative guide to breastfeeding a baby with Down syndrome. It is an invaluable resource for welcome packages for both new and expectant families as well as the medical community at large. For moms who choose to breastfeed their baby, it provides much-needed support and hope. This guide is a gold standard resource and should be shared far and wide!”
— Sarah Cullen, Family Support Director, Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

As always, all of our brochures are available for free! Julia's Way is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are used to support and encourage breastfeeding among mothers of babies with Down syndrome. Please consider making a donation.

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