Nursing Down Syndrome

"I had heard from my pediatrician that breastfeeding might not happen"
"A lot of doctors told me I couldn't do it"
"We're never going to get there"
"It was devastating to me"
These moms and babies faced health challenges, sometimes discouragement from the medical community, and their own self-doubt but they were able to eventually nurse their babies with Down syndrome successfully. Just in time for World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, these moms have come together with a powerful message: babies with Down syndrome CAN breastfeed. Listen to their moving stories and learn how they persevered through NICU stays, hospitalization, illnesses, surgeries, leukemia, heart failure, and more to breastfeed their babies.

From Ella Gray Cullen, our Executive Director, “ one should ever be told that she shouldn’t even bother to breastfeed her baby just because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome and for those who want to attempt breastfeeding but just need support or encouragement, we are here for them.”

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Thank you to the moms who participated in this project and to our many individual donors and The Daylily Connection for their generous support and to Spectra Baby USA-Breastfeeding Products and Lansinoh USA for their corporate sponsorship. Without them, this project would never have been possible. 

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