This month at Whitman Wellness Center for our yearlong service project we are focusing on being #MoreAlikeThanDifferent. This means that kiddos with Down syndrome are more like their typically developing peers than they are different. It also means that their parents want the same things for them that all parents want for their children – a good education, interesting experiences, exciting opportunities, and meaningful friendships. Children and adults with Down syndrome can almost always do everything their peers can do with just a little more patience and encouragement. Just like their typically developing peers children with DS:

  • Are not always happy. They experience the same wide range of emotions as other children and adults!
  • Grow up to be adults. They are not perpetual children and deserve the same opportunities as other adults.
  • Are hurt when they are left out because people think they’re different. They want to be included in activities just like other children.
  • Have a wide variety of skills, strengths, and challenges.
  • Have diverse interests, likes, and dislikes. Just ask and they’ll tell you!

Watch videos of self-advocates discussing how they are more alike than different at http://morealikethandifferent.com.