People first, condition second

There is an article going around just now about a couple with Down syndrome who are celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary. It's interesting because I've seen more or less the same article several times with several different titles and it says something to me about people first language.

"Down syndrome celebrates 22 years!" Um, no. Imagine two people with diabetes and the headline says "diabetes celebrates 22 years!" Absurd.

"Down syndrome couple celebrate 22 years!" Still no. "Diabetes couple celebrates..." wouldn't happen.

Here we have "Couple with Down syndrome celebrates 22 years!" Yay! These people who have many other interesting characteristics, which DS is likely just one, are celebrating. See how this puts the couple first? The Down syndrome is second, as it should be. 💝

Congrats to them ! Also, I hope we get to a point where things like this aren't newsworthy because they happen all the time.